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Sustainable Living Beyond Earth Month

As Earth Month draws to a close, the conversation around sustainability remains as crucial as ever. At BEDI, sustainability isn't just a buzzword thrown around during April– it helps shape every decision we make. At the beginning of Earth Month, we discussed some of the ways we integrate sustainability into our business– including with our materials, our production, and our Second Life program. As we wrap up Earth Month, we’re sharing more about the smaller sustainable choices we as a team integrate into our daily lives. 

Reduce: Making Conscious Choices

The concept of "reducing" is at the core of sustainable living. In a world inundated by consumerism, reducing consumption is a key tool in reducing our environmental footprint.

In our business, we takes steps each day to reduce waste in our office and in our production. We use sophisticated software to help us cut material in a way that minimizes fabric waste, we use very minimal packaging, and we even reduce our electricity usage by leaving 30% of our lights off at the office. 

On a personal level, we all strive to incorporate simple yet impactful changes in our daily routines, like bringing a coffee mug to our favourite café, packing our lunch in a reusable container, or bringing a tote bag to the grocery store. These small actions collectively contribute to making a positive difference.

When it comes to fashion, we’re mindful of what we purchase, only buying what we need, and choosing quality pieces. At BEDI, we are big advocates for choosing high-quality, durable clothing that withstands the test of time. For example, all our coats and bags are made with care in Montreal, and have a lifetime guarantee. Investing in pieces that will last reduces the need for frequent replacements, and as a result, minimizes waste.

We’re lucky to cross paths with many amazing local businesses that share our passion for creating quality pieces that last. A few of our favourites include Lennard Taylor Design, MAS Montreal, Eliza Faulkner, Kid’s Stuff Clothing, and Maguire Shoes. 

Reuse: Embracing Creativity

Reusing what we already have is a powerful way to minimize waste. A little creativity in mixing and matching existing clothing can help create fresh looks and give a boost to lesser-worm items. Old favourites can also be transformed with simple alterations or repairs, giving them a new lease on life. For clothing that is beyond repair, we like to use the material for other purposes. For example, an old soft shirt can be turned into handy cleaning cloths, old pyjamas can be turned into handmade hand warmers for winter, and any piece can be used in creative ways to make a patchwork quilt or pillowcase. 

At BEDI, we take repairing and reusing seriously with our Second Life program. Customers can trade in gently-used items for credit towards new purchases. These pre-loved pieces are then refurbished and sold at discounted prices, extending their lifespan and reducing the demand for new resources.

Recycle: Closing the Loop

Properly disposing of items we no longer need is essential for a circular economy. Recycling plays a vital role in diverting waste from landfills and conserving resources. We're committed to using recycled materials in our designs, including recycled nylon, salvaged seatbelts, upcycled leather, and other materials that would otherwise go to landfill. We even designed our flagship store using recycled metals and salvaged seatbelts! By giving new life to discarded materials, we not only reduce our environmental impact but also support a more sustainable future. 

On a smaller scale, we prioritize recycling and composting at our office, and in our personal lives. We rarely have garbage at the office, as we reduce our materials as much as possible, and choose recyclable and compostable options wherever possible. 

We may be wrapping up Earth Month, but we’re committed to making sustainability a priority year-round. Sustainability is truly important to everyone on the BEDI team, and we feel incredibly lucky to be able to create products that help in some small way to improve and preserve this planet. No matter how simple an action may seem, by embracing the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, we can all make a meaningful difference in our world.

Ps. In case you missed it, we invite you to check out our Earth Month Sustainability Series on Instagram, where our Founder Inder Bedi discusses our materials, his design inspiration, and how it felt to be named a Climate Champion by the United Nations for his work in sustainable fashion. 

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