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Earth Month Sustainability Highlight

BEDI is first and foremost a small business that is focused on sustainability. This Earth Month, we will be sharing more about the inspiration behind BEDI, and how we integrate sustainability into every aspect of what we do. Check out our Sustainability Series on Instagram for interviews with Founder Inder Bedi, and keep an eye out for weekly blog posts on our sustainability efforts. 

At BEDI, our Mission is to craft high-quality, sustainable products in Canada from existing materials. So what does this involve?  

Our Materials

We believe the most sustainable option is the one that already exists. We use primarily recycled and salvaged materials to create our products. This commitment to using upcycled and recycled materials allows us to achieve a level of sustainability that is uncommon in the fashion industry. There are no mysteries around our materials— everything is sourced thoughtfully, sustainably, and whenever possible, locally. You can read more about all of the materials we use on our Materials page


Our Production

We make everything in small batches locally. All our bags and coats are made in Montreal, while our knits and socks are made in Toronto.

There are many benefits to making our pieces locally. It allows us to make tweaks and adjustments in real time, to minimize waste when cutting fabric and sewing pieces. It reduces emissions, as we don’t have to ship finished pieces from overseas. It supports our local community and economy, and it means we know everyone who works on our pieces by name. Making our pieces in Quebec also means that we have a very small carbon footprint, as Quebec has some of the cleanest electricity in the world– Hydro-Quebec generates more than 99% of the province’s electricity from renewable energy!


Our Second Life Program

Our Second Life program is something we are very proud to offer. Because we use such durable, high quality materials, and because we work with such talented local tailors, we’re able to offer a lifetime guarantee on all our coats and bags. The same quality that allows for a lifetime guarantee, also allows us to offer a buyback program. If you own a BEDI coat or bag, but find your size changes over time, or perhaps you just want a different style, you can return your piece to us for a 25% credit towards the purchase of a product of same or similar value. Your old piece is then inspected, cleaned, and if needed, refurbished, and sold at a discount in our Second Life section, allowing someone else the chance to enjoy it. 


Our Dedication

Our team is truly passionate about sustainability. We don’t just use recycled materials and call it a day. We truly integrate sustainability into all aspects of BEDI. For example, our store is designed using all recycled materials, including custom coat racks made with seatbelts and recycled aluminum from Quebec. We have removed several lightbulbs in our office space to reduce our electricity demand, and the remaining lights in the office and store are energy efficient. We use only biodegradable soap at our office, and we have low-flow taps and a low-flow toilet to conserve water. Founder Inder loves to bike, and whenever possible, bikes to the store and to meetings. 


Our Sustainable Certifications  


B Corp certification logo

B Corp

BEDI is a B Corp Certified brand. This extensive third-party certification measures the impact of business around the world. Achieving B Corp Certification means that BEDI has been verified as meeting B Lab's high standards for social and environmental impact, that we have made a legal commitment to stakeholder governance, and that we are demonstrating accountability and transparency by disclosing this record of performance in a public B Corp profile.


Good on you logo


Good On You

BEDI is highly rated by ethical fashion rating platform Good on You.  

Good on You is the world’s leading source for ethical fashion brand ratings. Their stringent rating system requires brands to publicly disclose their sustainable practices, and evaluates them based on the information available on their websites. This ensures community members are able to access the same information they use for their ratings, and make their own determinations.  

We are proud to be using recycled materials to create minimalist, durable products that look good, and are good for the earth. We hope you'll enjoy learning a bit more about how we prioritize environmental sustainability this earth month! 


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