A fishnet tangled in weeds and coral on the ocean floor


One Day Everything New Will Come From Something Old.

A pile of salvaged seatbelts, tangled together

Material Choices

This is where BEDI began— with seatbelts salvaged from Quebec's scrapyards. When Founder, Inder Bedi, discovered that these incredibly durable and utilitarian components often end up in landfill, he was inspired to find a way to integrate them into everyday designs in a sleek and timeless way. (And he still personally goes to the scrapyards to cut them out of the cars whenever we need more!)

The most sustainable option is the one that already exists. Our commitment to using upcycled and recycled materials whenever possible allows us to achieve a level of sustainability that is uncommon in the fashion industry. There are no mysteries around our materials-- everything is sourced thoughtfully, sustainably, and whenever possible, locally.

A huge pile of discarded fishnets that have been pulled out of the ocean

Saving The Seas

The main material we use in our designs is ECONYL®, a highly sustainable and durable fabric from Italian textile manufacturer Aquafil. The main component in this robust fabric is regenerated fishing nets.

Econyl’s parent company, Aquafil, is a key partner of The Healthy Seas Foundation, aiming to eliminate abandoned fishnets causing unnecessary deaths and harm to marine life. Volunteer divers retrieve this marine waste from fish farming and fishing industries without disturbing marine ecosystems. The fishnets are subsequently cleaned, sorted, and sent for regeneration.

This impressive material is stretchy when woven, relatively tough, and easy to weave into tightly knit garments and industrial textiles. Not only does it come from sustainable sources, it is also infinitely recyclable. 

You can find Econyl used in all our outerwear, most of our bags, and some of our smaller objects

Do Good and Look Good

All our outerwear is made with an Econyl exterior, deadstock lining, and high-quality European insulation to keep you warm to -30°c.

A man and a woman stand in front of a fishnet, wearing green Bedi coats
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We are proud to have the following certifications, with more in progress

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