A view down the aisle between two cutting tables in a small local garment workshop. A man works in the distance at the end of the aisle


Social Responsibility 

All pieces are thoughtfully made in small batches in Montreal, Quebec, with adherence to the high workplace safety standards and labour laws here in Canada.

Our small-scale local production and all our suppliers adhere to the requirements outlined in International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. This includes but is not limited to: no child or forced labour, appropriate working hours, paid annual leave, maternity leave, the right to collectively bargain, and the elimination of discrimination. Everyone employed in the BEDI community is paid a living wage, including through our supply chain[1].

For our community, it goes beyond paying fair wages and ensuring good working conditions. As all of our products are made in small batches locally, we have a personal relationship with every person who works on our creations. 

We know all our talented tailors by name, and when it comes time to bring a design to life, we don’t send drawings overseas to a factory we’ve never visited. Our founder Inder can pop his latest design sketches into his backpack, hop on his bike and take them over to our production facilities within five kilometers of our studios in the Mile End. BEDI is built on a foundation of warmth, respect and appreciation for old school craftsmanship. The end result is a collection of good quality products that are made to last a lifetime.

Beyond our immediate team members, it is important to us to only work with suppliers that meet our high standards for environmental and social sustainability. Throughout our design and manufacturing process, we support the local community by reducing waste from scrap yards and keeping our environmental footprint as minimal as possible by working with materials that are close to Montreal whenever possible.

As many of our materials are upcycled and recycled, it’s easier to keep track of our direct supply chain. For instance, we aren’t manufacturing new straps for every bag– Inder personally goes to scrap yards in Quebec to cut seat belts out of old cars, which are then used in our bag and coat designs. 

The main material we use in our designs is ECONYL®, a highly sustainable and durable fabric from Italian textile manufacturer Aquafil. Sending ghost divers into the worlds’ oceans, the main component in this robust fabric are regenerated fish nets which wreak havoc on marine life. In addition to their sustainable practices in creating this material, Aquafil is “committed to maintaining high standards of employee safety and wellbeing, both inside and outside the working environment.” 

Sustainability is multifaceted. You can’t have environmental sustainability without social responsibility. We are proud of the work we do from an environmental standpoint, but we are especially proud to be able to work with and support so many wonderful, talented, local people, who understand the BEDI promise, and make this brand possible.

Meet Your Makers

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Edmond (Ed)

A talented third generation crafts person, Ed was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and now lives in Montréal


Gina is also an incredibly talented third generation crafts person who was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and now calls Montréal home


Emanual is our trusted buckle maker ensuring our hardware production remains local here in Canada


Whether sewing or inspecting, Sanae is always smiling!


Giovanna makes sure our snaps and eyelets are secure for many years to come


Amadis is a master tailor, all new jacket styles pass through his hands first


Wherever you find Amadis you’ll find Annie working by his side, proving that you can be colleagues and life partners


Our trusty production manager for outerwear, nothing goes out the door unless Mario says it’s 100%


Numa is our seat belt cutter (which is actually a lot more complicated then it sounds!)


Marianne is a whiz with markers and patterns


Anujan makes sure our robot cutters don’t get out of line


François makes sure our logo engraving is always on point