457 ANEW

457 Anew is now BEDI Studios! 

Why did you change your name? 

The numbers in 457 Anew were meaningful to our founder, Inder, and the concept of "anew" really captured our brand ethos. However, we found a lot of people had trouble remembering the number! Was it 547? 427? 475? We realized it wasn't the best name if we wanted people to remember the brand! 

Why BEDI? 

Bedi is our founder Inder's last name. Anyone who knows Inder will know that he was reluctant to use his name for the business! But Bedi is short, easy to remember, and suits the minimalist style of the brand, so we talked him into it. 

How do you pronounce BEDI? 

Bedi is pronounced "Bed-ee"!