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World Environment Day: Only one Earth

World Environment Day is the biggest international day to celebrate and inspire positive change for the environment. It takes place on the 5th of June every year and has been led by the United Nations Environment Programme since 1973. 150 countries and millions of people worldwide participate in the event, engaging governments, businesses, schools, celebrities, cities, and communities to raise awareness and celebrate environmental action. 

Every year World Environment Day is hosted by a different country - this year for 2022 the host is Sweden (whose capital Stockholm also happened to make its way to #1 on our list of the most sustainable cities in the world that we wrote about last week). They are going to have the opportunity to showcase the innovative work being done to raise the bar for the environment over the last 50 years, and will be doing so through a series of written stories and videos that will all be shared online.


Image of the port on the Stockholm shore in sweden

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is globally considered the #1 most enviromentally sustainable city in the world.

As it is named World Environment Day, everyone and anyone around the world can participate in the event. Their website makes it easy - any person, group, or organization can sign up stating what you are planning to do to make a difference for the environment no matter the scale.  Whether it is to tackle the causes of climate change, assist in nature conservation, or help prevent or manage pollution, the Earth Action Number system gives you a numeric goal for an action you intend to do. It then populates a world map with all of the actions taking place, which is a great visual way to understand how much all of the “little things” that don’t feel like much add up to make a big difference, sometimes creating sustainable consumption and production behaviors that stick around for decades to come. Get involved in World Environment Day by clicking here

At BEDI Studios, the environment is our first consideration in every decision we make. Our raison d’être goes beyond creating elevated essentials that clean up our planet. Our ultimate goal is to inspire our community to live more sustainably. We are doing so in part by offering a Second Life so nothing we remove from a landfill ends up back in one. We produce everything locally here in Montreal, Canada, ensuring not only that our skilled workers have safe work environments and are paid living wages, but also resulting in much lower carbon emissions. We design and create with primarily upcycled materials with our brand promise at heart:


screen shots of product images

We offer loads of repurposed pieces, all in excellent condition, through our Second Life Program.

One day everything new will come from something old.

Join the movement with us by sharing your Earth Action Number with us in the comments or on social media - we love hearing from you!


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