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Work-Life Balance and Zooming in your Pyjamas

We can all agree that, for better or worse, the last two years have changed the way we work. Many of us now work from home, which comes with many benefits -  taking zoom calls in pajama bottoms and skipping the morning and evening rush hour commutes, to name just a few. As a matter of fact, 32% of the workforce now chooses to work remotely even though the option to return to the office is now available.

Unfortunately, the WFH life also has some drawbacks. 22% of remote workers in the US have admitted that unplugging from work has become a struggle, and 70% admit to working on weekends (*raises hand* guilty). In the US alone, the economy loses $500 billion due to workplace stress, directly related to productivity. Studies show that depression and anxiety disorders directly impact a person's level of productivity, and these issues can cost the economy $1 trillion each year from this loss of productivity.

So… how can we continue working from home yet ensure that we are maintaining high levels of productivity? The answer is much more simple than you might think. Experts say that the key is maintaining a healthy work-life balance.  

As technology makes it easier and easier for us to connect, it also makes it easier for us to disconnect - so we’re not saying it’s easy. But it is definitely worth it. Creating those healthy boundaries between work and personal life will not only help you feel more productive at work, but it can also allow you to enjoy your off time even more.

We are in no way experts to speak on the matter, but we thought we would share how our team at BEDI likes to approach maintaining that essential work-life balance:


a young woman sits facing away from the camera, overlooking a scenic autumn forest view

For the past ten years, I had the opportunity to travel and discover many different cultures within Europe, North America, South America and South East Asia. Crossing the path of people from over 30 different countries did subsequently have a major impact on my life and on the person that I am today. As an architect and designer, having a better cultural understanding of the others is part of my process to actually create. When Covid hit, I had to find another way to "cross borders" and did so by being more aware of my own limits, discovering my surroundings, allowing me more 'me time' but above all by being surrounded by people that are lifting me up. The authentic power of human connection is what thrives me every day. My positive energy and balance - in any aspect of my life - is coming from the amazing friends that I have and like minded creative people that I meet at and outside of work, as they all fuel my inspiration and keep me grounded. - Huyen, Marketing Manager


A young woman sits on an elevated rock, facing the camera, with a view of a river and forest in the background

I am a city girl to the core and am definitely guilty of never being able to switch off, not only professionally but socially as well. I am a very project-based worker, and I find that until a project is finished I can't seem to close my eyes or step away for even a moment. As cheesy as it sounds, the best way for me to counter these habits is to spend time in nature. Montreal is a great city to live in as there are parks everywhere - so worst case scenario I will pop in my headphones and go for a really long walk. Best case scenario, I can schedule some time off to travel and really go deep into nature. It has actually been proven medically that stimuli from nature (rain, natural light, literally looking at trees, etc) is a lot better for your brain than stimuli that comes from a city or a workplace (your cell phone vibrating, honking horns, fluorescent lighting...). I'm really excited for summer to be here, because it makes it that much easier to throw a tent and some gear in the car and just *go*. That being said, in the winter I still love to spend time outdoors skiing or hiking around. - Meagan, Community Manager


former marketing intern, Ines photographed in nature

During Covid, my goal was to find things that made me feel good about my daily life, like setting boundaries and not apologizing for them. For some reason, saying "no" has become taboo, even though it shouldn't be. I learned that if people don't respect my boundaries, they don't respect my time either. So I decided to declutter my life by being more deliberate about how I spend my free time and with whom. I'm also regularly sorting through the accounts I follow on Instagram to have a more "body-positive" and motivating feed. The last thing I wanted to add is that I have also started sewing (@Lenfant_Designs) as a hobby which has enabled me to finally find something that allows me to really clear my head. My last advice for you is to try to have an hour in the morning when you wake up without any screens whether it's your phone or laptop. - Ines, Marketing Intern


Bedi logistics manager using a camera and tripod to take photos

Everything in life is a balance for a healthy existence and it starts with having a positive attitude and taking positive actions. Being a wife, mother of three and working at Bedi studios does have its challenges! It’s about managing my time, prioritizing at work and home, and then detaching. It’s important to have ‘me time’ so either I go for a run, curl up with a favorite book or practice mindfulness. Creating harmony, a state of equilibrium comes from within and realizing that you can’t do it all :) - Vandna, Logistics Manager


Founder of bedi studios; Inder Bedi, photographed on his motorcycle

As any entrepreneur can relate, starting a brand is a 24/7 job ! Discipline has become more important for me now than ever to ensure that I take time for myself. Meditation on the daily has become key in recent years in staying grounded and I do and try and take time wherever I can for my hobbies that help me disconnect: cycling, boxing, motorcycling and carpentry. Spending time with my kids and partner is something I aim for everyday, even if it’s only 15 minutes, I try and focus on quality time by being fully present. Listening to Audio Books such as the Power of Now when in transit helps me get through days that are particularly intense. I’m also blessed to  have a long time group of friends that get together to check out the latest eateries in Montreal because good food can be very spiritual :-) - Inder, Founder


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