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Warmth Campaign BEDI x DANS LA RUE

Every year during the holiday season, BEDI Studios offers its help to the DANS LA RUE foundation by organizing a “Warmth Campaign”. We know how cold the winter can be here in Montreal and cannot begin to imagine how hard it is to live outside during this time of year for teenagers and young adults. We are asking our community this year to join us in this spirit of GRATITUDE and GIVING.

DANS LA RUE has been helping the homeless youth on Montreal streets since its creation in 1988 by Father Emmet John (aka Pops). The foundation focuses on giving support to teenagers and young adults helping them with their everyday struggles and giving them opportunities to get back on their feet.


The foundation has grown from the humble beginnings of Father Emmet John driving around the Montréal streets in his used Winnebago, aiding kids in need of warm clothing and meals. DANS LA RUE has now established itself as a safe and secure place for the homeless youth in Montreal. The used Winnebago that “Pops” drove around was replaced by a number of vans, driving professionals to dedicated points in the city to meet teenagers in need of help. They also made the acquisition of a night shelter called “the bunker” and a day center called “Chez Pops” with a multitude of services to facilitate the reintegration of these youths in society.

picture of the bedi studio flagship store displaying knits on racks in collaboration with "Dans La Rue"

We will be donating a collection of our new and Second Life knits the week of January 16th. We are encouraging our community to help us this year by donating their unused clothing to help homeless youth in need as the winter advances to colder weather starting this January 2nd directly in our Flagship store.  


Please feel free to drop into our flagship store with the following items for men and women which we will be collecting from January 2nd to the 15th:

Short and long sleeved shirts
Jogging/warm pants
Walking/hiking shoes

    BEDI Studios  5432 Blvd. Saint Laurent (Montréal)   H2T 1S1
    Open daily 11am-6pm

    As we continue our theme of benevolence into 2023 we would like to encourage our community in also giving to those less fortunate, particularly children on our streets who should not go without shelter, warm meals and above all, love.



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