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The Science of Gratitude

The holidays are a time of giving to your friends and family; It symbolizes the love and Gratitude we have for one another. Gratitude can also be defined as the joy of receiving and giving to others by showing thankfulness in offering appreciation or a return of kindness. 

Not only can gratitude offer satisfaction, optimism, well-being and happiness, but opting for this view of life opens the possibilities of improving you and your peers’ physical and psychological health. Giving gratitude for what you already have often promotes morals such as patience, wisdom and humility.

bedi Studios team and friends at a Christmas party.

 From an environmental point of view, a grateful disposition can also counteract materialism and overconsumption by helping realize the difference between what one needs and one wants.

Moreover, gratitude is a great way to reduce everyday stress, anxiety, and even depression. It helps train your brain to notice and appreciate the little things in life and, in doing so, shifts one's life experiences tremendously. That said, it cannot cure these mental illnesses, but they can help the people suffering from them to find positive alternative ways of thinking and begin their road to recovery. 

Grand Opening event of bedi studios Flagship in the mile-end, 2022.

Being grateful is an important virtue that we make sure to honor here at BEDI Studios. In 2022, we created the possibility to meet our community close to home with the opening of our flagship store in the Mile-End back in October, one of the most advanced retail spaces in sustainability in North America. We are truly thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in the 2022 One Of A Kind Shows in both Chicago and Toronto. We’ve also been busy building our online community in Europe and you can now find our coats, bags and knits on the streets of London, Paris, Brussels and Berlin. It is an absolute pleasure to be in contact with like-minded people all over the world. 

inder bedi, founder of bedi studios(left) accompanied by communication manager Ellen at the 2022 one of a kind show in Toronto.

We are grateful to give back every day by doing what we do here in our Studios, which is finding creative ways to contribute to the circular economy and be part of the change to clean up our planet. It was a blessing to be featured in a Lapresse article enabling us to share these important views with the public. We are also thankful for our continued collaboration with HOLT RENFREW for H PROJECT.

Inder Bedi for LaPresse Article in front of his sustainable creation display

We strongly encourage our community to end the year and start 2023 on a high note by celebrating what one already has. You do not need to possess only material to be grateful. You could start by celebrating you, your existence on this beautiful earth, and the human and animal connections you have made along the way. 

YOUR first step can be keeping a journal at your bedside with a list of 3 items of gratitude you write every morning as soon as you wake up, before you grab your cell phone. There are multiple ways to show your gratitude towards yourself and others and what better time than the holidays to start!


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