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Quiet Luxury: The founding principles of BEDI Studios

The Secret/Quiet Luxury of Quality

These days, some influencers are recognized as projecting quiet luxury as a mood, a minimalist lifestyle, or a sustainable state of mind all over popular media. For example, Gwyneth Paltrow’s outfits from her recent infamous court case and Sofia Richie’s garments shown on social media during her wedding and honeymoon promoted “quiet luxury”’s popularity as a lifestyle. Shows like Succession have also spread quiet luxury aesthetic through popular culture.

What is quiet luxury

Knowing you are rich without showing how rich you are; paying for quality and not the branding. Quiet luxury offers subtle “if you know you know” aspects, often adding a touch of mystery when one presents themselves. Concepts of minimalist designs and sustainability are at the heart of quiet luxury; It projects discreet affluence based on the sustainability of one's wardrobe through classic silhouettes, neutral tones and minimalist aesthetic.

Consumers promoting the circular economy have been promoting quiet luxury before it became a trend. Mainstream designers are starting to understand that their more sustainable customers are looking for timeless and understated elegance. Classic and timeless luxurious silhouettes are dumbed down to their functionality and comfort, emulating an aura of luxurious nonchalance that would seem otherwise obvious when promoting elevated, quality essentials.

What makes quiet luxury sustainable?

Quiet luxury emphasizes practicality, promoting a sustainable lifestyle, rejecting indulging in the consumption and disposal cycles of fast fashion. It can be portrayed as a toned down, almost understated look composed of high-quality fabrics and tailored cuts so that the garments last longer. This sort of conscious consumption focuses on timeless pieces, an integral aspect of slow and sustainable fashion. Designers such as Loewe, Chanel, Tom Ford, Jil Sander, Helmut Lang and Maison Margiela amongst others have created timeless/sustainable pieces by default though their pricepoints put them out of reach of most consumers.

Higher prices can make someone think twice about embarking in the quiet luxury lifestyle. However, buying for long term quality is far less expensive than buying fast fashion pieces of inferior quality over and over again. Investing in fewer high-quality pieces reduces the demand for fast fashion, ultimately reducing our environmental footprint. As a brand that was founded on minimalism, BEDI Studios is happy to see its slow but steady incorporation in 2023 fashion. We offer the same quality of designer brands at price points that are more accessible than most, in colour tones that never go out of style.

The designs of quiet luxury are minimalist and modern; allowing you to keep your piece literally for life (at BEDI we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our outerwear, knits and bags). In addition, this concept is all about being discreet, not showing logos to not bring too much attention to oneself. The end result is a well designed, long lasting piece that still provides for individual expression.

Questions about the quiet luxury trend and how you can take part ? We’d love to hear from you at

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