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One of a Kind crafts and stories in Toronto and Chicago, let’s meet!

The One Of A Kind show (OOAK) is a bi-annual event which celebrates local craftsmanship  from the U.S. and Canada. 1,000+ selected artisans are able to share their craft with like-minded people and present their product to the public twice a year in both Toronto and Chicago. The OOAK shows’ fundamental values are to create access to wonders made by local hands and learn about a variety of stories that make each company part of the OOAK show truly a “one of a kind”. 

We are thrilled to be attending the OOAK show in Toronto for a second time this year and are looking forward to meeting with the OOAK community of Chicago for the first time this December. Inder Bedi, the founder of BEDI Studios and our team will be present once again amongst other artisans from Quebec to meet with like-minded supporters of everything slow and local production.

The Toronto OOAK show has been an annual event since 1975 presenting local artisanship  and is being held from November 24th to December 4th at the Enercare Centre, Exhibition place. We are thrilled to welcome you back to our booth (P-32) this year and invite those purchasing tickets to donate to the CAMH foundation, which is a local fundraiser to help with mental health research. 

A poster at the One of a Kind event describing sustainability initiatives

We are also excited to attend the Chicago OOAK show for the first time. Founded in 2001, this annual event also shares the artisanship of fellow Northern American craftspeople with the community. The event will take place from December 1st to December 4th at the Chicago MART, one of the biggest design centers in the world. Our booth (2082) is situated in the fashion district of the show.

Inder Bedi, posing with Canadian artisan from "le point visible" at the One Of A Kind Show

The OOAK shows are wonderful venues to meet with our community from outside of Quebec to learn about their unique artisan stories and support local hands. There are goods for 20+ categories ranging from fashion to food that are only waiting to be discovered. Unique artisan stories make their creations special; we invite our community to learn more about local craftsmanship and its key role in sustainability. It’s been great to see community members come out once again in record members since last Thursday.

Hope to see you there!


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