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MONTCALM: Our Unisex Vest

The MONTCALM represents the Canadian-Quebecor psyche, a spiritual way of life that we encourage the BEDI community to discover!

A view of Quebec city's upper town, montcalm

A little history

Montcalm is a Quebec city neighborhood deemed the crown jewel of its Uppertown. This area of the city is one of the most visited as it is engorged with historical parks (including the famous Plains of Abraham) and architectural gems showcasing Quebec’s cultural heritage. Named after General Lieutenant Marquis de Montcalm who led the french troops during the decisive battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759 against the British troops commanded under General James Wolfe. Both leaders died of battle injuries. Even if the story ends in the favor of the British troops with their acquisition of Quebec on that day, the Montcalm name remains a cultural and historical reference symbolizing an important event that reshaped the destiny of Canada for both francophones and anglophones living here in Quebec.

Female and male models posing the at bagel st-viateur, staple of the mile-end


MONT (“french word for mountain”) signifies nature, resilience, stability and immovability urging us to root ourselves in nature. CALM reminds us that a balance and groundedness towards oneself and nature is fundamental for our well being. BEDI Studios encourages customers to achieve this ‘Montcalm state’ by going on a hike or a walk in nature to find serenity within yourself, hopefully giving you a little bit of stability and peace in where you are at the present moment. For example, forest bathing, an activity that we’ve talked about in another article, makes the participant immerse and root themself into the vast nature to improve physical and mental health.

The new montcalm unisex vest' utilitarian and minimalist features

A little description

The MONTCALM vest is ethically crafted in Canada with sleek waterproof material (ECONYL®), a performant insulation (Isosoft) keeping warmth to -7C and heavy duty YKK zippers; all sustainable materials making the MONTCALM guaranteed for life. We have meticulously designed our vests so that every detail incorporated are both functional and aesthetic; the addition of a slightly longer back on the MONTCALM gives you extra protection against the elements, with a subtle and stylish “step-change” in the fabric at the sides as well as a high collar which has a zip-up option for maximum warmth, or folded down. The vest’s 6 accessible pockets (2 on the inside and 4 on the outside) offer a diversity of design which elevates the piece's utility. Its minimalist and utilitarian aesthetic makes it a timeless piece perfect when layered on top knits like our MYLES Crewneck as styled on our models above. This lightweight vest launches April 6th in the BEDI Studios store and online, pre-order here to receive just in time for those chilly in-between spring days! 

If you have any questions about our new MONTCALM vest, feel free to contact us at We love hearing from our community !


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