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Inspiration behind the SHERPA belt bag, what goes up must come back down.

You might have heard the term “Sherpa” before, it is often used as an adjective for knowledgeable mountain climbing guides supporting amateur and professional Everest climbers. Its origins stem from the Sherpa ethnic group migrating from eastern parts of Tibet to settle close to the Nepalese Himalayas. Sherpa’s have been climbing the Himalayas since their arrival on the territory and treat the hills like god-like entities, this added with their positive personalities make the Sherpa people perfect guides for himalayan expeditions. 

Amateur Himalayan climbers could never fathom climbing the Himalayas without the Sherpa’s advanced knowledge of the slopes. This exchange also initiates foreigners to the lost respect and rules that the sherpa try to maintain in order to keep the Himalayas clean

Many people from the Sherpa group turn their skills into currency by creating tourist businesses using their sought knowledge to guide foreigner-led expeditions through the Himalayas. One of these companies is called Asian Trekking, founded by the father of its current CEO; Ang Tshering Sherpa, an avid Himalayan climbing expert. It is one of the oldest businesses to accompany Everest expeditions and has been doing so in an eco-friendly manner since 2008. 

The current CEO of Asian Trekking, Dawa Steven Sherpa, named climate change ambassador for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as well as winning an international olympic prize for his contribution to improve climbing’s environmental practices, created expeditions which have permitted more than 150 climbers from around the world to sustainably summit mount Everest. Dawa Steven wants to draw attention to the impact of human activity like tourism on the Himalayas and test the best eco-friendly approaches to running major expeditions. This alternative of traditional expeditions by other companies has collected almost 13000 kg of garbage in high altitude to bring it back down in recent years.

flat lay showcasing the front and back of a black utilitarian fanny pack on a white background

We are proud to share with you BEDI Studios belt bag pack holding the name SHERPA. The 

environmentally friendly concepts adopted by Dawa Steven Sherpa relate our product to this inspiring story and further encourage the collection of materials that are otherwise left behind in places deemed difficult to retrieve. Handmade in Montreal, the belt bag uses sustainable materials such as our signature upcycled seat belts sourced from Canadian scrap yards and recycled leather from the aviation and furniture industries collected through a mill in Italy providing a unique textured finish for each individual bag. Moreover, the SHERPA features three spacious YKK zip compartments to keep your essentials secure and handy at all times.

As a reflection on Dawa Steven Sherpa and his Everest cleaning mission, the SHERPA symbolizes the essential of carrying belongings with us till the end with a “you bring it you keep it” mentality to stop and think before throwing away to respect your environmental surroundings.

If ever you have any questions concerning the SHERPA belt bag, feel free to ask us always a pleasure to hear from our community !


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