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How to Choose the Best BEDI Tote Bag For You

Our classic MILE-END tote bag comes in three different fabrics, each with their own unique characteristics and sustainable qualities. Having trouble deciding between our totes? Whether your top priority is style, practicality, durability or novelty, we’ve outlined the features of each to help you determine which style is best for you. 

What are BEDI bag straps made of?

Do these bag straps look familiar? You’ve likely slid this material over your shoulder many times before— all our bag straps are made from salvaged seatbelts. BEDI founder and designer Inder Bedi personally goes to the scrapyards of Montreal to retrieve seatbelts that would otherwise go to waste.

What is deadstock?

The term deadstock can apply to a few different situations. At BEDI, our deadstock fabric is either surplus fabric, or remnant pieces from larger cuts. When we view the world through the lens of sustainability and creativity we can find beautiful ways to use fabrics and objects that would otherwise go to waste.  

Black Quilted MILE-END Tote

Key features: A lightweight, quilted bag for an elevated everyday look.

This delightfully cushiony tote will look familiar to anyone with a BEDI jacket— the exterior is crafted from the same material as the interior of our coats. As we cut material, there are inevitably a few pieces that are too short to use for coats, but are the perfect size for a tote bag. The result? A unique, lightweight tote that reduces waste.

The Quilted MILE-END tote is reversible, allowing you to show off the distinctive quilted exterior, or flip it inside out to give a little extra padding to delicate produce and treasured trinkets.

Choose the Quilted black Mile-End Tote if you value a sustainable twist on the quilted bag trend, and want to conquer everyday errands with style and practicality.

Three mile-end tote bags at different angles, against a white background. The tote bags are made with black cactus leather
MILE-END Desserto® Vegan Leather Tote Bag

Key features: An elevated vegan leather tote made with sustainable and innovative cactus leather.

This sleek vegan bag has the look of leather with none of the negative environmental and animal welfare implications. In November 2021, a report released by environmental advocacy organization found that the leather supply-chains of over 100 brands were linked to deforestation in the Amazon. (source). 

In contrast, Desserto® leather is crafted from nopal cactus, a perennial plant grown on a sustainable ranch in Zacatecas, Mexico. Due to the natural carbon sequestering qualities of cactus, the 14-acre Desserto ranch is able to absorb 8,100 tons of CO2 per year, while only generating 15.30 tons of CO2 annually.

Choose the Desserto® Leather Mile-End Tote if you love the look of leather, but not its ethical and environmental impact. Because choosing sustainable doesn’t have to mean sacrificing aesthetics. 

Blue Upcycled Nylon MILE-END Tote

Key features: A timeless, everyday tote bag, made from excess pieces of sustainable fabric for maximum eco-friendliness 

This lightweight tote is made from an earlier iteration of our regenerated fishnet material. In our pursuit of perfection, we found that our current iteration of this material offered better wind protection and a more distinct look for our coats. However, this earlier material is the perfect fabric for a lightweight bag. With a thinner weave and classic navy hue, this timeless style can effortlessly go from office, to farmers market, to weekend getaway.

Wear it nylon-side out to take advantage of the water-resistant material, or flip this reversible bag inside-out for extra-handy access to the zip pocket and d-ring.

Choose the Upcycled Nylon MILE-END Tote if you want a classic, sleek, yet durable tote for everyday use.

Still have questions about what tote is best for you? No question is too small— we’re here to help! Email us anytime at


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