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It isn’t news to say that our current fashion industry struggles with pollution, waste and human rights abuses with the way it has organized itself. We might want to buy an item because it is cheap, but we might not be able to see the true cost of its production as the brands try to hide behind eco-friendly promises and greenwashing. There are hundreds of existing sustainability issues that are practically impossible to calculate through thousands of products on the market.  We need to start wearing clothes from designers embracing transparency, creative and innovative production methods such as re-wearing, recycling, swapping, thrifting that can counter traditional ways of consuming (source).

Good on you is the world’s leading source for fashion brand’ sustainability ratings. Established by the non-profit organization of Ethical Consumers Australia in 2015, they base themselves on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for us to “Wear the change [we] want to see”. (source) Founded by campaigners, fashion and business professionals, sustainability experts, scientists, writers and tech developers that strive towards a fair and sustainable fashion domain, this mobile app and website offers a great starting point for conscious buyers to separate the sustainable fashion brands to the ones that are not. Additionally, Emma Watson is the platform ambassador pushing the good on you values forward and spreading its message. 


Customers are now able to find designers’ ratings, advice and shopping suggestions to make sustainable choices when purchasing clothes. The ratings consider sustainability problems to give a fair and comprehensive assessment of the brand’s impact on three different domains; the people, the planet and the animals. The issues that they cover range from the supply chain of raw materials to a product’s end use without forgetting their environmental footprint, considering greenhouse emissions, water use, worker safety and living wages.

Ultimately, Good on you wants to create an alternative to our present consumption habits;  “When a critical mass of users turn towards brands to avoid harm, we create a movement for change”. They have close to 3000 brands that are recorded and rated inside their database, their ratings go from grade 1 to 5; from we avoid to great. 

editorial close up picture of two models wearing green coats with their hoods up in front of a white background decorated with green fishnets. (left) male model as his back towards the camera (right) female model faces the camera resting her head on the male model's right shoulder

We are happy to be part of this growing community focusing on transparency of production and sustainability. BEDI Studios is featured in Good on You as one of its sustainable fashion brands achieving a high level of transparency on our environmental footprint history. Our overall rating on the platform is good with an excellent rating on our impact towards the planet.

If you would like to know more about our contribution to the Circular Economy or have any questions regarding sustainable practices, we would love to hear from you:


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