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First Spring at One Of A Kind

For those just tuning in, the OOAK shows are bi-annual events celebrating local American and Canadian craftsmanship where 1,000+ designated artists are able to share their art to like-minded people. Previously, BEDI Studios has attended only the fall edition of OOAK shows to showcase our collection of sustainable outerwear, knits and bags to promote slow fashion. This year, we are excited to attend the OOAK Spring editions for the first time launching some new pieces this March 29th in Toronto and April 28th in Chicago, just in time for spring!

female model candidly holding a green tote bag (left) female and male model inside a bagel restaurant in montreal facing the camera.

Our new lightweight vest called the MONTCALM is crafted with ECONYL® nylon and insulated to perform up to -7˚ C. Perfect for the in-between spring days that are ever so present this time of year, the MONTCALM will be launched at Toronto and Chicago OOAK. Additionally, we are celebrating the end of winter with a new color for our knits; our SUZUKI hoodie and MYLES crewneck will be available in burgundy for an eco-friendly layer option to keep you warm and fashionable on remaining chilly spring days. BEDI Studios will also present the VAZ thermal socks available in 6 colors made of a merino wool blend to keep your feet supported, even in -30˚ C weather.

images of previous bedi studios display booths at the one of a kind show in toronto (right) and chicago (left)
Pictures from the Fall OOAK shows of 2023. Left: Chicago OOAK show @THE MART - Right: Toronto OOAK show at the Enercare Center

Both OOAK shows will now include new family friendly activities promoting sustainability and local craft such as workshop corners where the public can learn to make sustainable objects for themselves. At OOAK Toronto, there will be a fashion show showcasing eco-friendly designer brands and conferences where sustainability experts will speak on important topics of the circular economy. OOAK Chicago will host workshops, art galleries as well as live music to celebrate the community's commitment to changing consumer habits to combat climate change.

inder in his factory back faing his warehouse, equipement and outerwear creations.

Inder Bedi, the founder of BEDI Studios and our team will attend both OOAK shows showcasing our pieces along side other local artisans. These artist invite you to experience sustainability with 20+ categories of local goods available at the OOAK show, ranging from fashion to food. We invite our community to learn more about local craftsmanship and its key role in sustainability.

Feel free to contact us at to learn more about both OOAK shows, you can also read our previous article on OOAK shows giving insight on their history as a key platform of local craftsmanship.

The tickets for OOAK Toronto (March 29th to April 2nd) and OOAK Chicago (April 28th -30th) are now available.

Come see us at our booths in Toronto (P-20) and Chicago (5084), we are looking forward to meeting with our like-minded community and hope to see you there!


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