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Embracing the Winter Solstice: A Celebration of Light and Nature

As winter settles in, and the days grow shorter, people around the world prepare to celebrate the Winter Solstice—a cosmic event that marks the year's shortest day and longest night, typically occurring around December 21st. Beyond its astronomical significance, the Winter Solstice holds a special place in the hearts of many, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness. Here are some of our favourite ways to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Set Your Winter Intentions

Channel the transformative energy of the solstice by setting intentions for the winter months ahead. Carve out time to reflect on your achievements since the summer solstice, and contemplate your personal goals and aspirations for the months to come. Harness the energy of the lengthening days to manifest positive changes in your life.


Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Witness the solstice sunrise or sunset as a powerful way to welcome the return of the sun's energy. Find a scenic spot, breathe in the chilly air, and marvel at the breathtaking colors as daylight stretches its fingers across the horizon.



Take a moment during the Winter Solstice to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the upcoming one. Meditation during this time symbolizes renewal and inner peace. Find a quiet space, light a candle, and allow the tranquility of the solstice night to guide your thoughts.


Celebrate with Candlelight

Illuminate the longest night with the soft glow of candles, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Arrange candles of different sizes and shapes to infuse your space with a serene ambiance, and opt for beeswax or soy candles for an eco-friendly touch. We’ll be cozying up with the 5PM candle from Verre Lune, which comes in a beautiful green ceramic vessel, and smells like a fresh walk in nature!  


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Exchange Nature-Based Gifts

Embrace the spirit of the season by exchanging gifts inspired by nature. Consider potted plants, handmade herbal teas, or eco-friendly items made from sustainable materials. This practice not only aligns with the essence of winter, but also helps foster a deeper connection with nature during a season of consumerism.


Host or Attend a Winter Feast

Gather with family and friends for a winter feast, embracing the spirit of togetherness. Incorporate sustainable practices by opting for locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, reducing your environmental impact while enjoying the pleasures of shared meals.


Take a Nature Walk

Connect with the natural world by embarking on a refreshing winter nature walk. This ritual encourages a deep appreciation for the changing seasons. Bundle up in a warm coat, breathe in the crisp air, and let the beauty of winter landscapes inspire a sense of wonder and gratitude.


In embracing these Winter Solstice traditions, we not only celebrate a cosmic event but also honor the beauty and wonder of nature. As you partake in these rituals, let the spirit of the season guide you towards a renewed sense of connection with the world around you. Happy Winter Solstice!



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