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The Totepack— A Versatile Bag for Modern Explorers

We recently released our newest bag style, the KITS. You may have noticed the KITS is described as a “totepack” on our site. But what exactly is a totepack, and why is it becoming such a coveted style of bag? 

What is a totepack?

At its core, a totepack is a marriage of convenience and style. Picture a traditional tote bag—roomy, with an open top and sturdy handles— with the addition of backpack straps seamlessly integrated into its design. Voilà, you have a totepack! This combo offers the best of both worlds: the effortless elegance of a tote and the hands-free practicality of a backpack.

Whether you're navigating bustling city streets, embarking on a spontaneous adventure, or simply running errands, the versatility of a totepack ensures you're always prepared. With ample storage space and ergonomic design, these bags effortlessly adapt to your dynamic lifestyle, seamlessly transitioning from work to play with ease.

Why did BEDI make a totepack?

We’ve all had that too-heavy-bag experience. Maybe you stopped at a store after work to pick up some veggies, and spotted a bottle of olive oil on sale. Maybe you went out to have coffee with a friend, and ended up buying a bag of coffee from that delightful local cafe. Maybe you took your little one for a walk, and they found several rocks that obviously have to come home with you. However it happened, you’re making your way home, your tote bag is heavy, your arm is sore, and you’re wishing you had just brought a backpack. After personally having this experience many times, we knew we couldn’t be the only ones looking for a sleek, but functional bag that would offer the best of both worlds!  

What are the downsides of Totepacks?

One of the main downsides we’ve found with most totepack models, is the need to unbuckle, unpack, reattach and repack the backpack straps. It just seemed too complex. When our BEDI founder Inder was designing the KITS and the SHOALTS, he wanted to be able to transition easily from backpack to tote and back. 

How does the KITS work?

The KITS has two primary straps. The front strap of the bag serves as a fixed short handle. Meanwhile, the rear strap is versatile— it can function as a long strap for carrying the bag like a typical tote, or, by pulling it down to align with the front loop, it transforms into dual backpack straps extending from the back.


How do totepacks support sustainability?

As you probably already know, we’re very passionate about sustainability at BEDI! The natural versatility of totepacks helps to support sustainability by reducing the need for two separate bags. For example, the KITS in Desserto leather has been popular with urban professionals who want a sleek looking bag for the office and social outings, but prefer a backpack-style bag for carrying heavy items to and from the office. 

As with all of our bags, our totepacks are made in small batches in Montreal, using sustainable materials. 


A female model wearing a red Bedi coat and carrying a black dufflepack bag


Is the SHOALTS also a totepack?

Our SHOALTS bag is actually technically considered a “dufflepack”! As you can probably guess from the name, the SHOALTS is similar to the KITS in that it has easy-to-access backpack straps. However, the SHOALTS is a much larger bag, and would be considered duffle-bag sized. This is great as your main bag for a short trip, like a weekend getaway, or as a carry-on for longer trips. 


The takeaway? Both totepacks and dufflepacks are great examples of modern design working to merge fashion and functionality– and supporting sustainability by extension.


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