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Trash or Treasure ?

We all know the craze of winter festivities that usually come around this time every November. It is very common for people to stress gift ideas and anxiously declutter the house before family visits. This decluttering results in throwing unwanted home goods that are still in perfect condition away, things that we believe could serve other purposes, especially during the holidays. It is an amazing way to reduce and reuse, all the while offering meaningful gifts to your friends and family. 

To facilitate this way of thinking, celebrating “Use Less Stuff” on November 17th day this year besides your holiday festivities would certainly be a good start. It is a good way to remind you to integrate a sense of responsibility towards the planet during one of the most polluting times of the year. The goal is to help the planet recover from our over consumption, make the population ask itself if they truly need more items, how to turn useless items into useful ones and destigmatize the phrase “one man’s trash really becomes another man’s treasure.” Why is it trash if it is still in perfect condition?

editorial picture of showing the transformation of deadstock seatbelts sourced from automotive scrapyards

Here at BEDI Studios, we encourage you to create gifts yourselves from discarded home items that could revive a light for this holiday. There is no need to get rid of your unsoiled glass jars, bottles, cardboard, paper, fabric and jewelry that are still in good condition. Empty mason jars can become succulent pots, or even serve as containers for a cookie mix gift. Excess fabric from old clothing can be resewn into hair accessories like scrunchies or weaved to create colorful jewelry. Excess paper can be repurposed into a very unique looking wrapping paper. Avoid using anything you know cannot be repurposed or won’t be useful for a long time.

Beyond everything that we do to contribute to the reduction and reuse of recycled goods, we decided to find useful ways to repurpose our seatbelts acquired for our product creation. We convert them into bookmarks so that our excess material can serve a purpose. By doing so, we wish to encourage our community to actively find new uses for discarded material that is still in perfect condition.

angled laser cut seatbelts placed next to each other to form a diagonal line


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