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The Meat-Free Side of the Plateau


Eating less meat will reduce the earth’s heat

David Suzuki - environmentalist

Intro to a Plant Based Universe

BEDI Studios believes in achieving sustainability through eco-friendly behaviors in every domain of consumption. Production and overconsumption is not only an issue for the fashion industry; the struggle is everywhere - from the clothes you wear to the food on your table. 

In fact, a 2019 United Nations (UN) report suggested that one of the significant issues contributing to climate change is society’s consumption of dairy and meat. The UN food and agriculture organization reports that farm livestock creates 7.1 gigatons of carbon dioxide annually or roughly 14.5% of total CO2 emissions. (source) This is a considerably high number which could potentially grow as the population increases. The bottom line is we need to start cutting down or eliminating meat and other animal products from our diet to reverse climate change. It is necessary for protecting our plant from environmental consequences such as water scarcity, degraded ecosystems and the pollution of our waterways and oceans.

Fortunately, Montreal is ranked as the 23rd top vegan city in the world, with 3 vegan restaurants available for every 100 000 residents; meaning that there is no reason for meat eaters to not try at least one plant-based meal. In this article, we suggest 10 completely vegan restaurants situated in the Plateau: the cultural and creative hub of Montreal.

a vegan sushi plate from the sushi momo restaurant

Sushi MOMO

Have you ever heard of a vegan sushi that had more than cucumber and avocado inside? Sushi MOMO is the place for you! This place situated On Saint-denis Street offers a wonderful culinary experience as it transforms this meal traditionally enjoyed with raw fish inside to a surprising plant-based alternative. They are especially intricate in the way they prepare their meals with attention to aesthetics and flavors to bring you the ultimate vegan sushi experience.

A selection of vegan meals from the thai food restaurant chuchai


Thai food lovers will adore this restaurant as it transforms traditionally meat dominant meals into a plant-based alternative that transcends the flavors of its original version. This vegan Thai restaurant is one of BEDI Studios' favorites. We recommend you to try their famous “Ped Palo”, a crispy vegan duck with soya sauce and spinach that is out of this world and will please vegans and surprise the meat eaters.

The façade of the montreal institution of vegan food called aux vivres


Aux Vivres has been a Montreal Institution since 1997 and a vegan pioneer in local plant-based cuisine. Marie-Pierre Michaud founded the restaurant while thinking of a way to “make the world a better place, one meal at a time”. Since its debut , Michael Makhan, one of the early Aux Vivres chefs, took the reins of the restaurant to make it blossom to this institution that we have today.

Selection of food and drinks

Archway Verdun

This famous plant-focused cafe & bar offers modern adaptogen drinks. They are geniuses of plant and herb concoctions that promote numerous virtues for the mind, body and soul. A must try for the people who are looking for a nice friendly ambiance while making eco-friendly choices.

the Mimi & Jones vegan diner's space

Mimi & Jones

Mimi & Jones is an old-school style diner restaurant that offers the traditional diner experience for people who also love vegan meals. Burgers, milkshakes, chicken nuggets are on the menu to help people realize that there is “no need to give up life’s simple pleasures in order to make more conscious food decisions.” This restaurant is one of many others created under the Vegangels collective. Founded by MJ Guertin, vegangels is a group of self-proclaimed “compassionate gangsters” who are fighting for more accessibility of eco-friendly products to the public.

The ambiance of the Cafe Tuyo's space

Cafe Tuyo

This rustic cafe situated in Mont-Royal offers a vegan menu serving organic meals in a friendly atmosphere. Cafe Tuyo’s name, inspired by the Spanish phrase “lo mio es tuyo'' meaning “which is mine is yours”, gives you a taste of the type of atmosphere that you will find in this place. Cafe Tuyo is ideal for creatives as the place hosts live music shows, conferences on a variety of subjects, exhibitions and many more.

ingredients used in the panthere verte vegan cuisine

Panthere Verte

Panthère Verte is the fruit of a project founded by Chaim and Pran, two epicureans and adventurers who wanted to disrupt the current polluting system of the restaurant business. Panthere Verte is known for its Mediterranean fast food like meat free service and amazing eco-friendly philosophy in the way they operate.

people enjoying vegan ramen and other meals from the vegan restaurant UMAMI


Did you know that there exists a fully vegan ramen spot in the Plateau? Well, the restaurant UMAMI has been offering this experience since 2019. The founder, Cédric Charron, an alumni of l’ITHQ (l’Institut de Tourisme et d'Hôtellerie du Québec), got the idea for this concept while on a stage in Japan. He learned how to substitute the meat elements for its plant-based alternatives. This restaurant is a must for people who love homemade traditional Japanese food, but are too worried about the environmental footprint it may cause. You can also try UMAMI flavors at home with their online grocery store so that you can make your own vegan version of the Japanese staple!

A vegan brunch plate full of sweets and pastries

Sophie Succree 

Sophie Sucree is one of its kind, being a one of the rare vegan bakeries situated in downtown Montreal. The bakers there create marvelous and 100% vegan homemade sweets ranging from homestyle baked goods to fine french pastries. We urge you to try this culinary experience that will leave non vegans and vegans wanting more!

All in all, simply reducing the consumption of animal products can help slow climate change. While veganism is still preferable, switching to a vegetarian or flexitarian diet is still impactful. The restaurants highlighted are aware of the issue and choose to improve sustainability by promoting eco-friendly dietary behaviors, incorporating delicious plant-based meals. We are hopeful that this shift towards sustainable and creative food choices in Montreal will encourage everyone to at least venture into the plant based universe. Let us know which one is your favorite !


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