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Reduce, Reuse, Refill

Making a change for the health of the planet does not only consist of reducing our over consumption of fast-fashion or food consumption. Other factors such as the overproduction of chemically made products are contributing to the decline in our environmental values. Because they are part of our routines, we forget that the simple items we use everyday have the potential to be detrimental for the planet. Candles, for example, are certainly a desired item for the home. Trends make us buy these items in mass while forgetting about the consequences of our actions. Candles are traditionally made with materials full of toxins such as paraffin wax usually poured in one-use vessels, which are bad for both the user and the environment's health.

two female CEO's and founders of verre lune candles (Sarah Liderri (right) and Lauren Park (left)) posing with a smile in their office.

Launched in Toronto by two college best-friends at the beginning of covid (2020), when self care was more important than ever, Verre Lune’s values of durability are seen in their careful choice of materials. Most important is the 100% all-natural soy wax that they use, which is vegan, cruelty-free, paraffin-free and biodegradable. In addition, lead-free and zinc-free cotton wicks plus paraben-free and phthalate-free fragrance oils are used inside the candle to make them as harmless for the planet as possible. Verre Lune encourages their customers to learn more about how to become more sustainable by incorporating non-toxic and durable materials to create the candles without compromising their minimalist aesthetic. We are thrilled to present these candles as a new edition of product in our Flagship store and online.

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As for the packaging, the carton box that the candles come in are made from 50% post consumer waste and are 100% recyclable. The lettering is printed with a soy-based ink. The cards and the adhesives part are both FSC approved (respect ecologic and economic organization of forests) also both made from acid-free 100% recyclable and compostable material. Verre Lune candles are an excellent option of a sustainable gift that keeps on giving: the addition of special Verre Lune matches inside each box and the possibility to obtain a wax refill option making it an easy and eco-friendly way of discovering new scents with as little waste as possible.

picture showing candles. candles are in their pots, some are seperated/empty displayed on a white table

Simply put, the vessel with remaining wax inside the freezer for a couple hours or  overnight. The cold will harden and shrink the soy wax, making it easier to scrape the rest of it out with a sharp object and a spoon (you can always use the extra wax to create wax melts). After this step, clean the vessel with soap and warm water so that it is ready to be used again. Not only is this Verre Lune vessel refillable, it also has multiple decorative uses; whether you would like to use it as a pen or trinket holder, a planter or just a stylish item to elevate your space. 

lifestyle picture of a lit black candle in a lounge/salon (cozy) setting accompanied by lit sage displayed on a book and some vanilla pods(left)

The Verre Lune candles are sustainable from their soy wax to their recycled packaging. They offer a versatility that elevates the design of any space and lives on even after the last burn. We are excited to present these candles in our store as it is a genius way of reusing and promoting less waste, and the durability of the product; In tune with circular economy values that are fundamental to BEDI Studios.

If you have questions concerning the sustainability of the Verre Lune Candles, we are more than happy to answer them at


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