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New SHOALTS Tote/Backpack

We are excited to show our newest bag; the SHOALTS, always handmade in Canada. BEDI Studios designed a versatile and sustainable bag usable for different purposes: hauling laundry, grocery shopping, packing beach and camping essentials or even to hold your gym equipment. We also designed the versatile tote to be the maximum size allowed in an overhead compartment when flying. All in all, there are virtually no tasks this tote/backpack can’t handle.

blue Ikea bags recycled as pot for plants in an industrial aesthetically pleasing environment.

The SHOALTS was inspired by the infamous IKEA Bag (the FRAKTA), used by artists the world over with its iconic blue color and rugged appearance. Being a pioneer of the reusable bag movement, IKEA studied the sustainability aspect of their bags intensely to be able to offer customers a design with a sturdy build for general practicality. Since the FRAKTA design was created in the 1960's, BEDI Studios thought about doing a fresh updated version; we revamped the big FRAKTA bag to give it a timeless allure and enable you to keep it forever. Our modified version includes a top zip, detachable pocket and the added benefit of backpack straps !

flat lay on a white background showing the inside of a black vegan leather weekender bag (left) and a detachable pouch of the same material (right)

The Shoalts is available in either Desserto® (cactus leather) material or deadstock outdoor furniture weather resistant twill. Deadstock material removes materials still in good condition from the landfill cycle which promotes a circular economy. This UV, abrasion and weather resistant material paired with belt webbing from automotive and aviation Industries, sturdy and robust #10 YKK zippers offers a sustainable product that we can guarantee for life. The SHOALTS also has a detachable inner zip compartment and a hard Econyl® removable bottom; it can be handheld, rest over the shoulder or utilized as a backpack.

The SHOALTS is named after the Canadian explorer, writer and activist; Adam Shoalts. Born in Pelham, Canada; a little village surrounded by forest and wildlife, he is one of the greatest explorers our country has known. Shoalts holds a PhD from Mcmaster University for his studies on nature, history, geography and archeology. With his expertise and desire to live as one with nature, Shoalts helps discover unknown Canadian trails by mapping rivers and tracking endangered species. 

As an activist fighting for Canadian ecosystems to prosper, Adam has written about deforestation and watershed pollution leading him to obtain the Niagara’s region environmental award for his work preserving the local watersheds in 2008. In 2013, he was elected a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) for his “extraordinary contributions to geography”. He is also the westway explorer-in-residence of the society and in 2016, Adam obtained the title of the National champion of the Trans-Canada trail. In 2022, he was presented with the Louie Kamookak Medal, named after the famed Inuit Oral historian, for his work “making Canada better known to Canadians and the world” says Chief Perry Bellegarde, Former National chief of Assembly and president of the RCGS.

montage of two pictures in one showing a female model wearing a sweatshirt and short skirt in two environments (left) model in a park full of greenery candidly looking inside the weekender she is holding (right) same model is observing st-viateur street carrying a weekender on her back.

“There is a growing “Nature Deficit disorder”, a term first invented by the Author Richard Louv to refer to the growing trend of kids (and adults) spending too much time indoors” says Adam. He “[tries] to re-awaken people’s dormant sense of awe and delight at the mysteries and magic of the natural world, in the belief that doing so will inspire people to want to know more about the outdoors and then get active in working to preserve and restore natural habitats.” Our goals of involving the population to save the planet’s decline one act a time resonates with Shoalts message, and what better way to celebrate the outdoors than to having a durable and multifunctional bag to encourage our customers to go outside and experience all nature has to offer.  

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