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Flagship Grand Opening Mile End 10/20/22

collage of the bedi studios store grand opening event and the attendants

Here it is ! After a long road of preparation, our space finally had its grand opening in the Mile-End this October 20th.

The Mile-End has a place in our hearts dating back from our first pop-up opened here in 2019. We are now blessed to reside on Saint-Laurent street permanently to present our Canadian made products to our Montreal community.

picture of inside bedi studios sustainable flagship store during daytimecollage of the grand opening event and the attendants

We had enlisted the help of RAINVILLE SANGARE team who designed our uniquely sustainable space that is the first of its kind in North America. The interior takes inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese design of minimalist and utilitarian themes. Everything within our shop has been designed with sustainability at the forefront, from the hanging seat belt installation to our custom hooks. All materials were sourced locally within Quebec. The space is ultimately a visual expression of our philosophy: 


catering from zoumis at the bedi studios grand opening event
friends and family at the bedi studios grand opening event
bar tender from gentile at the bedi studios grand opening event

We were pleased to see the many members of family, friends and colleagues who came to support us at our Grand Opening event. The 80s music, amazing vegan canapes, drinks, and of course, our community, animated our store for the evening. This event would have not been possible without our talented and dedicated staff. It would also be impossible to go on without highlighting the tremendous help we had from John Zoumis catering and Julio and Tasso’s bartending.

A big thank you to everybody that passed by to try our out of the box canapés, have a drink and check out our space. It gave us an opportunity to celebrate design and sustainability with our community and discuss our products and philosophy with like-minded people. It was a pleasure to see our neighbours from the Mile-End: Charles of Le Mac Urbain, Myriam and Romy of Maguire and Jennifer of MAKA, who celebrated the night with us.


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