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Celebrating Canadian Craftsmanship

Sustainability grounds itself in the principles of ecological responsibility, social equity and economic visibility; these principles are also at the heart of local craft culture. Supporting local entrepreneurs is fundamental in helping to achieve a sustained economic recovery and potentially change the way we consume. What better way to celebrate what was traditionally known as Canada Day weekend than to talk about our local craft and design expertise? 

A growing increase in the creation and demand of eco-friendly products created locally emphasizes a potential paradigm shift from capital consumer culture to the circular economy. In other words; It is now trendy to buy sustainably! Optimistically, local craft practices and their popularity will be gaining momentum and, ultimately, shift the way Canadians contribute to the economy.

machine that spins sustainble cotton into yarn

As a Canadian brand, BEDI Studios is proud of our local community and their respect for sustainable practices such as slow fashion and the circular economy. It is easier for smaller local brands to be transparent about their production and materials used in their craft; meaning that its practice favors research for sustainable alternatives of production than its traditional industrialized counterpart. 

Local makers acknowledge environmental impacts of fast fashion production and denounce them, especially here in Canada, where most handmade brands follow the “Sustainable Development Goals” set by the UN in 2015.

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BEDI Studios knits are made of 100% sustainable cotton sourced in the U.S. and are locally produced here in Canada. Our Canadian location ensures fair wages for our workers and the reduction of mass production practices, such as using toxic pesticides and the drying up of water sources. 

Our collections are all produced in small batches to reduce our carbon footprint and keep our waste to a minimum. Additionally, since durability and sustainability go hand in hand for circular production, our pieces are thoughtfully designed with fabrics that are made to last a lifetime, diminishing the need for excess production. The story of cotton itself is a global issue that we discussed ‌in our article; Handmade Cotton Knits and the Story of White Gold

Climate change is an international issue that we all individually need to acknowledge so that permanent solutions can be implemented. Everyone needs to do their part, no matter how small it is to shift our present mass consumer culture. Now more than ever, it is essential to celebrate and promote local makers and local materials. The hope is that this direction along with consumer demand will influence international brands to do the same.

If you have any questions or comments concerning local craftsmanship feel free to contact, we always hearing from our community !


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