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Back To Life

As much as we hate to see summer taper off into cooler evenings, we love the transition of late summer to early fall, known to many as “Back to School”. This year’s Back to School season is more significant than previous years for several reasons, one being that this is the first time in a while most of us feel like we can go “back to life”. Students are scheduled to return to in-person classes, we are getting comfortable back in our offices and workspaces, and life seems to be shifting back to “normal”. Many of us can even get away and start planning holidays and vacations again. This season for many feels like a reset button has been pushed. It’s a time for deep thought and a fresh start before the colder winter months begin to creep in. With that often comes a “purge” of sorts. Out with the old and in with the new, as some might say. Many believe that our instincts kick in to make use of the energy we have from the summer months to ensure we have the equipment and gear we need so that when the cold arrives we feel ready to take on the world. Here are our top recommendations for back to life.

Back to School

product image of a backpack made of cactus leather and recycled seatbelts on a grey background

Backpacks aren’t only for students. They are the perfect solution for anyone who prefers going hands-free on their commute to and from work. They are also an obvious game changer for cyclists. Our DIETER Backpack is an excellent option for anyone looking for an urban utilitarian and elevated alternative to the ultra-academic backpack. With the seatbelt details along the sides and safe pocket in an easy-to-reach place on the back, this has easily become a BEDI fan favourite in recent years. Available in both durable Econyl and sleek Desserto Leather.

Back to Life


product image of a tote bag made of cactus leather and recycled seatbelts on a grey background


If you have been married to the canvas tote bag all summer, we have a game-changing option for you. The MAATHAI Tote Bag has the same ease and style as your classic tote bag while still looking stylish and “effortless”. With a padded laptop sleeve and deceivingly strong handles made of recycled seatbelts, this is the bag that will get you through not only this season but every season for years to come.

Back in Stock


male model stands facing the camera wearing a grey sweater and a navy sling in front of a grey background

Last year our WATSON Sling Bag was our first piece to completely sell out. We are happy to announce that our new sling bag is finally back in black, slate grey, olive green, and dark navy Econyl. This is the perfect piece for anyone, but especially anyone planning on doing any travel this year (it’s so thin and compact that it is usually not even considered a bag or personal item when it comes to checking baggage, meaning you have a safe and handy place to store important documents, passports, etc). We heard your feedback and have made some very slight changes - make sure to check them out because, as always, quantities are limited.

What are you missing to get “back to life”? Let us know which bag is your best fit in the comments. We always love hearing from our community.


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