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Top 5 Transitional Weather Pieces to Invest In

Ushering in new seasons shouldn’t automatically mean shopping for the latest fast fashion pieces, although current advertising and marketing strategies may tell you otherwise. Fashion isn’t a race. Sometimes, all you need to do is invest in stylish staples that will function as the perfect transitional clothing for the seasons ahead. 

Ideally, in our quest for sustainability and to break free from our culture of overconsumption, the ultimate goal should be to work with whatever we already have or to look for eco-friendly alternatives that were intentionally and thoughtfully designed for our needs  pieces that leave a positive impact on the world we live in.

And believe it or not, it’s not impossible to do. Fortunately, we’re living in times where it’s getting easier and easier to make conscious choices each and every day. 

This is your comprehensive guide on how to make sustainable and stylish sartorial choices for fall to winter transitional clothing. From practical fashion tips to the transitional weather pieces we’re loving right now, this is everything you need to know for you to consistently win the fashion game even as the seasons change.

Master the Art of Layering 

Layering is perhaps the smartest strategy when it comes to transitional clothing. This fashion technique lets you continue wearing your favourite lightweight pieces all year round while keeping yourself comfortable in the dropping temperatures. Mix and match transitional weather pieces that can be worn on top of your year-round capsule wardrobe essentials

Here’s an excellent example.

  • Base Layer – Items made from sheer and breathable materials, such as dresses, shirts, blouses, turtlenecks, skirts, or pants. 
  • Middle Layer – A warm and cozy layer with sleeves that you can wear over the base layer. For example, sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, or blazers. 
  • Outer Layer – A thicker layer that’s preferably waterproof to protect you when it snows during winter, like a mid-length parka or coat. 

The layering method can also be useful during warmer seasons when it’s scorching hot outside but the air conditioner is on full blast indoors. Layering gives you the freedom to be unfazed no matter how warm or cold it gets. 

Rely on Accessories to Add Seasonality to Your Outfit 

Your choice of jewelryfootwear, or bags can give existing pieces in your closet a brand-new look. Check out these tips on how accessories can help you transition through the seasons:

  • Pair your spring or summer dresses with vegan leather boots.
  • Don a scarf in rich autumn colours to complement your fall or winter outfit.
  • Wear a hat, earmuffs, and a pair of gloves to make sure you're warm and toasty once the months get colder.

collage of four sustainable products (left to write); evergreen crewneck, graphite hoodie, side of a female black 3/4 parka and a green male coat

Invest in Transitional Weather Pieces That Last a Lifetime 

1. Long-Sleeved Crew Neck Shirt 

You can never go wrong with the basics. Long-sleeved crew neck shirts are the perfect base layer for under your blazers or denim jackets, especially when the seasons start to change. 

They are must-have transitional clothing pieces because of how versatile they are. You can wear long-sleeved crew neck shirts on days when it might be too warm for a turtleneck, and when the weather starts to get a bit more chilly, just throw on your favourite scarf! 

BEDI’s long-sleeved crew neck shirts are made of durable heavyweight fleece that softens as it gets worn and washed. This style staple is available in five complementary colours that pair perfectly with any palette: olive, black, grey, white blend, and navy. 

2. Hoodie in Heavyweight American Cotton 

Give your transitional clothing a sporty vibe by choosing to wear a hoodie in heavyweight American cotton. It’s versatile, youthful, and will keep you warm on the days when you just don’t feel like wearing a hat. It’s another popular transitional clothing item on our list of “Top 5 Transitional Weather Pieces To Invest In” that can stand so well on its own during cool springtime days and nights, but can also layer well during autumn and the onset of winter. This comfy item comes in black, grey, and navy. 

hoodie + blazer + coat combo is one of the top style equations today that you can solve immediately when you get your hands on this timeless piece.

3. KIRSI Women's 3/4 Parka in Econyl® 

Looking for warmth minus the bulk as the winter months approach? The Exkin Air® multi-layer insulation feature found in the KIRSI Women’s ¾ Parka in Econyl® is the answer to your style dilemma. But that’s not the only thing you’ll love about this parka. 

This is an everlasting transitional clothing piece that deserves a spot in your closet forever. Made of ECONYL®, an innovative luxury Italian nylon made from waste (such as fish nets and carpet fibre), this product uses no new resources in the production process and is infinitely recyclable.

The best part about it is that you can rock it no matter the weather and is a must-have for your transitional winter to spring wardrobe. 

4. YVON Men's Mid-Length Coat in Econyl® 

Not only women look for a great-fitting jacket that can be worn throughout the seasons, that’s where YVON Men's Mid-Length Coat in Econyl® comes in. Made with the same incredible features, this is the eye-catching piece that’s got your back throughout the year. 

Whether it’s spring, fall, or winter you can walk into the season in high-style with this mid-length coat, thanks to its water repellency and warmth rating of -30 C features. 

5. MAATHAI Tote in Econyl® 

From your wallet to your laptop, everyone needs a bag that can carry all their daily essentials. But finding one that can bear the load and look incredibly sophisticated at the same time is the real challenge. With the MAATHAI Tote in Econyl®, you can have everything you need within reach wherever you go.

Featuring an interior laptop compartment and ECONYL® water repellent twill fabric, you can rest assured that your valuable essentials are always safe and sound on-the-go with this transitional weather piece. You’ve just found your ultra-sleek, all-year-round, go-to bag. 

collage of two pictures displaying sustainable bedi studios evergreen tote bag(left) male model wearing a bedistudios ghost crewneck and black pants

Transition in Utilitarian Style with BEDI 

When your transitional clothing is influenced by the timelessness of BEDI’s latest collection, you’re sure to make a strong statement no matter the weather. 

Here at BEDI, we’re all about designing pieces that positively impact both your fashion game and the environment. By adding the pieces from our collection to your wardrobe, you can revel in the edginess of utilitarian style while taking sustainability to a whole new level. Click here to shop our collection.


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