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How to Choose the Best BEDI Coat for You

We know it can be tricky to choose a winter coat online, so we’ve gathered all the information you could want when it comes to our coats, to make it easier to choose the best coat for you. From the difference between BEDI styles, to how to care for your coat, see below for everything you need to know. 

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Are all your coats rated for -30° C ?

Yes! We are based in Montreal, and we believe warmth is of utmost importance. Our coats are made in Canada, and made for winter in Canada. No matter the style you choose, your coat will keep you warm and toasty. All our coats are insulated with Isosoft, a high-quality insulation that is warm, but lightweight. (If you’d like to read more about this cozy material, check out this blog post, all about Isosoft!) And yes, we’re proud to say that this means all BEDI coats are vegan! 

Are your coats unisex? 

We have separated our coats into men’s styles and women’s styles to give the best sense of fit, however, there are no hard and fast rules! We’ve outlined the main differences below, and if you feel drawn to a particular coat, but are unsure of the fit, don’t hesitate to ask! Email us anytime at and we’ll be happy to help. 

Here are the main differences between BEDI’s Men’s and Women’s styles:

- The women’s styles are a more tapered torso fit. They tend to fit tighter in the waist, and subtlety flare out at the hips. 
- The men’s styles are a straighter, boxier fit in the torso. They are not tapered at the waist, and they also don’t flare at the hips.
- The women’s styles have shorter arm lengths, and are designed for slimmer shoulders. 
- The men’s styles have slightly longer arm lengths, and are designed to fit a broader shoulder. 


What is the exterior material, and why does it look so different?

The exterior material on all our coats is a sustainable material called ECONYL, which is a regenerated nylon made primarily from abandoned fishnets. Our Founder, Inder Bedi spent two years in research and development before launching BEDI, and he was thrilled to be able to use this innovative material for our coats and bags. This sleek fabric has a unique iridescence to it, and is incredibly durable. It is also waterproof and windproof (and our study zippers are water resistant). 

How do I wash my coat? 

One of the many great things about BEDI coats is that they don’t have to be dry cleaned, so you can say goodbye to costly dry cleaning bills anytime you spill a bit of coffee!  

To clean your coat, pop it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water and a gentle detergent (preferably a biodegradable detergent). Lay flat to dry. You can place your outerwear piece in the dryer on a low temperature for up to 5 minutes to remove humidity and to fluff up the insulation.

Using a steamer on your outerwear piece will remove any wrinkles, or you can hang in the bathroom while taking a shower and let the humidity do its thing! 

Where are BEDI coats made?

All BEDI products are made in Montreal, Quebec, in small batches and with great care. 

How do I decide on a size? 

Our coats fit fairly true to size, but if you’re at all uncertain, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with your measurements, and we’ll be happy to advise you on what size would be best for you! 

We also have a size guide on each of our coat product pages, just to the right of the size selection. If you’re deciding between two sizes, we typically recommend going with the larger size, so you can wear your coat over bulky sweaters without feeling constrained. 

How do I decide which BEDI coat style is best for me? 

We have outlined the differences in our coats below, to help you decide which style is best for you! 

ORSOLA Extended Parka

Our longest style, this coat is effortlessly elegant and guaranteed to keep you warm this winter. The length hits around mid-calf on most women, and includes a storm flap over the sturdy zipper for extra protection. The fit is tapered in the waist and hips (the cut is the same as the KIRSI) so although it’s long, it’s not bulky. It’s also lighter-weight than many coats of this length, due to the innovative insulation. 

Are you picturing yourself trying to wedge yourself into your car with your legs stuck together? No need to worry– all of our coats have a double zip, so you can unzip from the bottom to give yourself all the flexibility and leg room you need. You’re only a quick zip away! 

The ORSOLA Extended Parka is a good fit for you if: you want to be warm from your head to your toes, if you want to look stylish and elegant all winter long, or if you enjoy long walks on the (frozen) beach. This style is especially popular among dog owners and their pups!  

Shop the Orsola 


KIRSI 3/4  Parka 

The KIRSI is a sleek knee-length coat for those who want warmth, without the length of the ORSOLA. This mid-length style is a tapered fit that many people find much more flattering than typical, bulky winter coats (this cut is the same as the ORSOLA) This style is great for everything from skiing, snowshoeing and tobogganing, to professional meetings where you want to look sleek and put-together even in the depths of winter. 

The KIRSI 3/4 Parka is a good fit for you if: you want a beautiful everyday coat that looks great and keeps you warm, if you spend a lot of time doing active things outdoors, or if you attend professional functions where you want to look sleek, but stay warm. 

Shop the KIRSI


The cut of the CHRISTIANA differs from the ORSOLA and the KIRSI. While the ORSOLA and KIRSI are a tapered fit throughout, the CHRISTIANA is an A-line style, with a roomier fit in the hips and thighs. The CHRISTIANA is also our only coat with an internal drawstring, allowing you the option to cinch the waist for added dimension.  

The extra room in the hips and thighs also makes the CHRISTIANA a popular coat for skiers and snowboarders. The back of the coat extends a bit lower than the front, keeping you warm when sitting on the chilly chairlift, and the slightly higher front and double zip allow for maximum flexibility when needed. 

The CHRISTIANA Coat is a good fit for you if: you like a little extra room in the hips and thighs, if you love the look of an A-line style, or if you are looking for a sleek ski jacket for hitting the slopes, and want be the best-dress at apres-ski. 



SLAT  3/4 Parka 

Warmth doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. This classic top coat style is perfect for everything from fancy functions to walks in the woods. The innovative insulation provides maximum warmth, while being deceptively light-weight, and the slightly fitted style gives an upscale look– so you don’t have to choose between being warm and looking sharp. 

This knee-length winter coat is our longest Men’s style. Concerned about getting into your car or truck in a longer coat? Not to worry– all our coats come with a double zip, so you can easily unzip from the bottom of the coat for full range of movement. 

The SLAT Parka is a good fit for you if you work outdoors, if you spend time in chilly rinks watching hockey games, or if you spend a lot of time walking outdoors (this style is very popular among dog owners and their pups!) 

Shop the SLAT



Our mind-length men’s style, the YVON hits at around mid-thigh on most people. Commonly known as a “car coat”, this style is also great for commuting by car, bike or transit. 

This is our most popular style among bicyclists. The slightly longer back keeps you warm and dry, while the shorter front length and double zipper allow for full range of leg movement, while still protecting your thighs. 

The YVON Coat is a good fit for you if you enjoy bicycling in the winter, and if you want to look sleek during the week, but pack in plenty of outdoor adventure on the weekends. 

Shop the YVON


ANSEL Bomber Jacket

The shortest style we currently offer, this bomber jacket hits around the hip bone on most people. Functional and fashionable, the short length of the ANSEL makes it a versatile coat that can be worn further into Fall and Spring. 

This is also our most popular men’s style for skiers and snowboarders. The high-tech innovation keeps you warm, while the shorter length keeps your legs free for ripping down the hill, looking great the whole time. 

The Ansel Coat is a good fit for you if you prefer a shorter coat style, if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, or if you love the classic look of a bomber jacket. 

Shop the ANSEL

Still have questions? No problem! We’re always here to help. Email us anytime at and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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