Made in Canada

BEDI: Always Made in Canada

Our Mission: To craft high-quality, sustainable products in Canada from existing materials.

Ethically Made in Canada

Every product from BEDI is ethically made in small batches in Canada. Why is this so important to us? Not only does local manufacturing allow us to guarantee the highest quality products, it also means we can guarantee that everyone who works on BEDI products is paid a living wage and has a safe working environment. BEDI's Founder, Inder, is very involved in the production process, and can often be found in the atelier.
See the people who make BEDI possible on our Social Responsibility page, here.

5432 St Laurent Blvd

Our flagship store is located in Montréal's charming Mile End neighbourhood.

Everything in our shop has been designed with sustainability at the forefront. From the hanging seat belt installation that hold our coats, to our custom hooks, all materials were sourced locally within Québec. The space is ultimately a visual expression of our philosophy: "One day everything new will come from something old."

A huge pile of discarded fishnets that have been pulled out of the ocean

Local Production

BEDI represents my path returning to local production in Canada with a focus on slow fashion. It was born in the scrapyards of Quebec where I started pulling out landfill materials to work into our designs. The collection has evolved to include ECONYL® (Italian yarn regenerated from discarded fish nets), DESSERTO® (plant based leather made from cactus leaves), upcycled leather from Italy, and sustainably grown cotton from the U.S.

Thank you for following us in our journey in balancing art and cleaning up our planet, we are constantly innovating to take sustainability to another level and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

- Inder Bedi, Founder


We are proud to have the following certifications, with more in progress

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USDA Organic Logo black and white
Oeko-tex standard 100 logo black and white
reach compliance logo, black and white
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