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DIYers Dream Object: The 'Hanger'

The hanger has been reimagined so many times in so many ways, it is a thing to be infinitely repurposed. 

The modern clothing hanger that we use today was first invented in 1860 by O.A. North, who fashioned a space-saving clothing hook. The original hanger that North created consisted of a piece of wire that had two narrow ovals joined together in the middle with a twist, and a hook for the rack above it. Basically picture a standard wire hanger, but with two conjoined ovals where we'd now see a triangle shape.

In some ways a hanger is the ultimate tool—you can bend wire hangers to reach objects that get stuck under the couch, and, back in the day, wire hangers were used to aid television antennas. Nowadays it's a popular hack to bend wire hangers so that they hold up a book, Kindle, or iPad.

Clothes hangers are a simple object that many of us interact with on a daily basis yet have changed hardly at all since their invention, but the way our culture relates to the hanger certainly has. In many ways, the humble clothing hanger illustrates the extent of our ambition, creative imagination, and ingenuity.

  After months of research and development we finally have our custom hangers in stock at BEDI. Made from recycled metals with an elegant brass finish, these ’tools’ are meant to be both utilitarian and an aesthetic piece hanging in your wardrobe. We’ve updated the original wire invention to a flat wire construction to compliment the architectural approach we take to all of our pieces and hardware.

Complimentary with every outerwear purchase made at BEDI, you will now have a sleek piece of hardware to hang your utilitarian coat.


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